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Content designer/social entrepreneur/science communicator/nerd nite Wellington founder & host/web comms/adventurer



One of NZ's leading plain English/language writers. Keen interest in science/tech, comms/content design, social good and sustainability, branding, strategy, entrepreneurship, foresight, futurism/futurecasting and innovation. Always on the lookout for new opportunities :)

During the last 6 years I've worked for a number of New Zealand’s most prominent scientific, internet-related and government organisations/teams.

I've also been  (and continue to be) involved with futurecasting and storytelling work with Ministry of Transport, the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Business Energy Council. 

Previous experience includes comms, science, entrepreneurial sciences, management strategy, market research, and working to help improve science journalism.

I'm interested in and involved with social good initiatives and organisations, and I've been a mentor in the Challenge for Change programme.

Andrea Key
Marketing and Communications, DIA

The depth and breadth of Aimee's knowledge, expertise and interests delivers value to her work and her colleagues. A self-confessed geek, Aimee's understanding of the digital world is extensive and she utilises this in both an academic and pragmatic sense.

Personally I have valued Aimee's professional advice and have benefitted from her extensive network which she readily calls upon to assist with obtaining results for her team.

Specialties: enormous curiosity and the ability to learn fast (plus I actively enjoy change). I've lent my hand to everything from big-picture/integrative thinking, to writing, to logo design. I have excellent communication skills, a strong understanding of science, strong networks in NZ's tech communities, strategy, qual/quant market research, and a great deal of enthusiasm.

I'm comfortable with a wide range of CMS platforms (SilverStripe, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc) and HTML/CSS, as well as social media forms and Photoshop/Illustrator; I'm also working on my data visualisation and coding skills (including Python).

I've placed second at NZ's first (and the world's second!) Social Enterprise Startup Weekend in 2013, and more recently have been part of Part of Future Agenda, NZTA Future Demand, and WEC/BEC2050 futurecasting projects. For other projects, see further down this page. 

Work history

You can check out my recommendations, skills, and more details on my roles and the orgnisations of which I've been a part over on LinkedIn.

aimee's LinkedIn profile

Senior Web Editor at NIWA. January 2016 to present. [contract]

I've been brought back by NIWA to help them get a number of workstreams either going or finished. I'm doing a mixture of tactical work on content as well as more strategic and project management work on issues like usability, website upgrades, information architecture, infographics and game development, external communications and positioning.

I've been contracting for NIWA ever since I left permanent employment with them, speaking to the strength of my relationship with them and the quality of my work.

Founder/Principal at Syntropics. October 2015 to present.

Syntropics is a full-service consultancy/agency offering web- and related services. These include, but aren't limited to, content design, accessibility and usability, website audits/restructures, website information architecture, social media, strategy, marcomms, research, and analytics. Get in touch if we can help you :)

Tim Grubb
Web Manager at NIWA

Aimee was invaluable assistance to me during a major website upgrade project. She was expert, flexible, efficient, and enthusiastic. She churned through the work - both complex and mundane - and delivered beyond the brief. 

She really understands the web and has passion for what she is doing.

Writer/editor for Grow Wellington. September-October 2015, November 2015. [contract]

I was brought on to proof/edit the content for the newly-released business support tool, with a particular focus on plain English and ensuring all the content fit together well, leaving no obvious gaps or redundancies.

I was able to use my knowledge of business, plain English and Wellington's startup scene to bring particular value to the project.

Comms Lead for NetHui; comms, content design and web at InternetNZ. May 2015 - July 2015. [contract]

InternetNZ works to keep the Internet open and uncaptureable in New Zealand, and is involved in a range of community and policy initiatives in NZ. One of its major annual projects is NetHui, which brings together everyone involved or interested in the Internet, to talk about its place in our society.

I was brought on to lead the communications and web/digital work for NetHui, and to support sponsorship, registration and community work.

I also conducted a detailed audit of the InternetNZ site with a view to improving its content and setting up a documented list of development work needed to improve user experience. I designed and provided a style guide, and suggestions on how to follow best practice for accessibility and usability.

Finally, I helped support all InternetNZ communications functions.

Content Designer Lead at October 2014 - April 2015. [contract] is working to make government services and information simpler, clearer and easier to access for citizens.

I was brought on to manage the content team, set in place strong BAU practices and help in the development of’s content strategy.

I also helped to develop and apply content development and management practices for, and strengthen engagement with the open data and open source communities.*

*Recently named one of the top 8 eGovernment websites in the world, with a major content and design refresh recently completed.

Reuben Metcalfe
Founder at

Aimee has just the right balance of passion, interpersonal skill, and attention to detail to make her an excellent person for any PR, Editor, or Social/Partner manager role. Looking forward to working with her in the future.

Content Lead, OSI Project at LINZ. May 2014 - August 2014. [contract]

I was brought on as a ‘content ninja’ (more formally, Content Lead) for LINZ’s refresh of its web presence. The project is a large and very complex one, and I was responsible for managing the content side of it, from the information architecture to wrangling the cleaning and updating needed on all the content, too. The system is built in Drupal 7.

Founder/CEO/Lead at 2013 - 2015.

I built and launched IdeaForge - you can check it out at  Currently alive but not under active development.

Community builder/manager at Publons.October 2013 - April 2014.

Web communications advisor at NIWA. March 2011 - October 2013. Contractor to NIWA. Jan 2014 - April 2014.

Media Advisor at Science Media Centre of New Zealand. 2009 - 2011.

Chelfyn Baxter
Creative Director of Mohawk Media and

I was asked to come in and teach Aimee how to install, customise and manage a fairly large wordpress Website. Rarely have I seen someone pick up a topic as fast as Aimee. She is fiercely intelligent, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable over a wide range of fields.

Writer at eResearch New Zealand. October, 2010 - January 2012.

Writer, web editor, tech/media consultant at Editor/writer at Inspiring Communities. March 2009 - March 2011.

Analyst at Pragma Consulting Limited. October 2007 - December 2008.

Analyst at Submarine Depth Research. February 2007 - June 2007.

Associate Consultant at Burlington Strategy Advisors. January 2006 - October 2006.


Other activities

Founder/Host at nerd nite Wellington. June 2010 - present.

TEDxWellington speaker curator/coach. 2015.

Startup Weekend Wellington - organiser and social media. 2015.

GovHack Wellington - organiser. 2015.

Social Enterprise Startup Weekend Wellington - second place, 2013. 

Rails Girls Wellington. 2013.

KiwiFoo. 2010.

Skunkworks founding member at Royal Society of New Zealand - Wellington Branch. November 2012 - December 2013.

Consultant - social media at 2012 - 2014.

Driver on Mongol Rally, team Lemur Attack Force. 2012.

Co-founder, deputy editor, admin, blogger, podcaster at Sciblogs. 2009 - 2012.

Co-founder at Retake the Net. 2011-2012.



 In addition to the numerous blogs and websites I maintain, I've also written some longer-form pieces:

A Deeper Understanding. Water & Atmosphere 7, June 2013

Measuring the value of science. Oct 2012

Social Media: The Basics. May 2012

Social Media: Research and Proposed Mechanism. May 2012



Note: the below is a list of formal education. I am constantly undertaking courses on places like Skillshare and Codecademy (and various MOOCs) to improve my understanding and skillbase.

First Aid Level 2. 2012. St Johns Ambulance, Wellington, New Zealand.

Course, Principles of Branding. 2006 - 2006. Vega, Johannesburg, South Africa.

PDEM, (Postgrad Diploma in Enterprise Management): Marketing, Accounts, Management Theory, Strategy, IS. 2005 - 2005. University of Cape Town, South Africa.

BSc (Hons): incomplete, Neural (optic nerve) regeneration. 2004 - 2004. University of Cape Town, South Africa.

BSc, Majoring in Genetics and Microbiology. 2001 - 2003. University of Cape Town, South Africa.