Batman, habitable zones and cuttlefish

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Humble WB Games Bundle

Batman being my favourite superhero since forever, I am SO getting this one. See y'all in a few weeks :P

One in Five Stars Has Earth-sized Planet in Habitable Zone

habitable zoneI've always taken it as read that life on earth couldn't be all that rare a phenomenon. This news made me very happy :)

Seeing Left- or Right-Asymmetric Tail Wagging Produces Different Emotional Responses in Dogs

You can, apparently, guage your dog's emotions by seeing which side its tail is wagging more towards. More towards the left is likely stressed, while more towards the right is more likely to be relaxed and cheerful.

Media for Thinking the Unthinkable

"Designing a new medium for science and engineering"

eResearch 2020

This looks to be an interesting project - essentially, some of NZ's science infrastructure providers are going out to the NZ science community and asking what they want for their science...


And finally...

True Facts About the Cuttlefish

A new Ze Frank video! Huzzah!

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