Cheeses, FactSlides and Morrissey impressions

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A Season With Swiss Cheesemakers

Reuters Denis Balibouse

(Reuters/Denis Balibouse)

A beautiful photo series, set in Gruyere, Switzerland.

I have one question, though - what's with the giant cowbells?

Eleanor Catton: The land of the long white cloud

This year's Man Booker prizewinner on growing up in New Zealand. Gosh, but she can write.


Interesting facts, on awesome animated slides. Warning: extremely more-ish.

The Tea Party As A Religion

Well thought out and argued. And it reminded me of comething I read a couple of months back, too - the terrifying fact that millions of Americans, purportedly, think the end is nigh (in the form of the rapture or the second coming of Christ or somesuch) and it's their job to help hasten it along O_o

Surprising Layers of Color Revealed on Urban Wall

A gorgeous look 'inside' ordinary urban walls.

Comedian Peter Serafinowicz Sings the First Page from Morrissey's New Book

Bwahahahahahahaha. Excellent Morrissey impression, too!

Serafinowicz continues to be one of my fave actors (seriously, go check it out - he's been in just about every single one of some of the best comedy series EVER, and his performance as Fa'ad is, to my mind, sheer hilarious genius).



Find Selfish Lovers at the Ayn Rand Dating Site

Too good not to include :)


And finally...

The Grand Budapest Hotel Official Trailer

Yaaaaaay! A new Wes Anderson film! And this one looks set to be a corker :)

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