Hats off to Dr Seuss, a strange new quasar, and are all models wrong?

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Hats Off to Dr. Seuss!

Dr Seuss Hat

Made by Stanbury Co., Kansas City - Leather, plastic, metal, white fake fur. A gift from San Diego State University. In 1986 Ted was chosen honorary chairman of the Holiday Bowl football game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the San Diego State Aztecs.

An inspiring idea - I've certainly noticed my sartorial choices regarding head coverings can influence how I feel and behave, too :)I had no idea, but the cat in the hat? Yep, not entirely made up. In the sense, that is, that Seuss himself would done bizarre and wonderful hats whenever he felt his creative juices low.

Oh, and if you're in the US? There's an exhibition of them you can go see!

Are all models wrong?

"All models are wrong, but some are useful" is the starting point for this fascinating article on the three different types of mathematical models (and how George E.P.Box, the originator of the quotation, was wrong). 

DramFest 2014

Staarrrrt yooouuur livvveeerrrssss! It's been announced! NZ's premierest and bestest whisky tasting weekend. End Feb/early March, Christchurch. 

Gas Falling Into Black Holes? York U Researchers Discovers Unusual Type of Quasar.

Huh. Interesting...

What do you think? Review or discuss over at Publons!

The Sneaky Influence Tactics You Never Saw Coming

Yep, I _thought_ so. Hardly unobvious, but still good to know about! And, of course, potentially useful tactics :) I did find interesting how the article is clearly biased against people who want to ensure they are liked...

In an Alternate Universe, Manatee Superheroes

Because it harks back to yesterday's post about Batman, and also because OH THE HUGE MANATEE :P

How Red Bull Takes Content Marketing to the Extreme

Interesting longform article on the extreme action giant's marketing...


Honourable mention

Complete Solar System Necklace

It looks a bit big for me, otherwise I'd be tempted!

Best dog collar ever?

Thinking of getting one for our doggie (no gems, though). Because yeah charity!


And finally...

Crazy Morphing Magic Table Surface



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