Planet pr0n, playing with plankton, and space jump POV

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The Most Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Artists' Conceptions of Exoplanets

Space Merged by Kenneth Jensen

Space Merged by Kenneth Jensen

Some really, really lovely planet pr0n for us all to enjoy. Mmmmmmm.

American Democracy Dies, Murderers Caught On Video (or The Republicans Pull A Really Creepy Move)

Ye gods. I knew the GOP had lots its collective mind - or close enough, considering what the moderates are letting the nutters get away with - but I had no IDEA they'd got up to quite this level of dickery.

Classifying plankton: more fun than you might think

New citizen science project Plankton Portal is not only heaps of fun, but also lets us help scientists better understand the health of our oceans. Win win, no?

POV video of a space jump

Red Bull have released the full length video of Felix Baumgartner's historic jump from 128,000 feet (~39,000 metres) this time last year, and there's an accompanying documentary, too!

Hello world program in esoteric languages


I still like brainfuck, of course, but there are just so MANY ways to say such a simple thing, so wonderfully baroquely.

Serial Killer Thinking Of Interesting Ways To Incorporate Social Media

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac has been doing this for YEARS, of course, operating as @Johnny_C. Thoroughly recommended (and fantastic material for retweeting, of course).


Interesting new tool to rolick around with (there are just so many! Which reminds me, I needs to get back to my playings...). 

Epic Privacy Browser Blocks Tracking, Ads, and More

And while we're on the subject of tools...

Wine-tasting: it's junk science

KNEW it. Now, beer, on the other hand... :P (And yes, one used to be a wine snob, don'tcherknow.)

Startups: What startups have the best stories

Fun Quora thread, including the wonderful story of how FedX founder Fred Smith, quite literally, took a gamble on his company. 


Honourable mention 

Important New Theory Explains Where Old Memories Go

Makes quite a lot of sense, really. Now, excuse me while I go remember some things :)

FAIL LAB Episode Five: Rodents

The premise is simple - take EPIC FAIL videos, and then examine them through the lens of science. I'll admit to quite liking the idea, but I'm, well, not entirely sure about the execution... (Although sad etsy boyfriend in the rodent costume did elicit the glimmerings of a smile).


I want EVERYTHING to smell like distillery or hunting lodge. Also, I want that soap. For myself, mind, although Partner would be most welcome to use it too...


And finally...

HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film

You know that bit where, invetiably, someone screams in rage/amusement at the silliness on screen, followed by commentary on the lines of 'well, if they were sensible, there'd be no story'.

Someone's finally gone and made that lack of story :P

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