The US v traveller, Superhero v lamp, and Grasshopper v hexacopter

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The last six years of climate change research, summed up in one graph

IPCC AR5 SPM10It's very, very simple. The more fossil fuels we burn, the hotter we're going to get, faster. And that's NOT a good thing.

nerd nite Wellington #19: masheeeens

"sticky buds and bootsectors, 3d printing a 3d printer, and the art of looping"

The lineup for the next nerd nite Wellington, to be held on Nov 18th, is out! 

13 Things That Define The New American Center

To be honest, I was rather surprised by this. I figured the American Center might be somewhat like 'Middle New Zealand', which is notoriously conservative.

Foundry Group Announces Major Shift In Investment Strategy

Um....Heh. Good to see people not taking themselves terribly seriously :P

Our favourite superherodes, pitted in battle against, er, lamps

EliteFixtures has decided to pit famous superheroes against, um, lamps as part of an advertising drive. Which is pretty funny, yes.

One can't help wonder, though, whether they/their advertising agency were aware of the sexy lamp test when they made their decision. Somehow I doubt it.

Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States

"We don't understand. Why would a Jew go to Yemen?"

"But... I'm not Jewish."

"Yeah, well. We just don't understand why would a Jew go to Yemen."

Niels Gerson Lohman had the temerity to be widely travelled, and try to enter the US from Canada.

8 Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day And How To Prevent Them

Cognitive bias is alive and well. Thankfully, though, being aware of it can sometimes help us be slightly less, um, wrongheaded about things.

If Men Posed Like Motorcycle Babes

I think it's a lovely idea, and done with a great sense of humour. Well done, chaps!

Beautiful Web Type

A showcase of some of the best from the 600+ fonts now available in the Google web fonts directory.

Let's audit Truecrypt!

In which popular software Truecrypt gets audited (not financially, note), and some thoughts on crypto are shared.


And finally...

Grasshopper 744m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter)

Ooooooh. The Grasshopper rocket - "a 10-story Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing (VTVL) vehicle designed to test the technologies needed to return a rocket back to Earth intact" - takes off and lands again, while hexacopter gets up very close and person to film it.

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