The secret to getting rich online, Skid Plate racing and 44 mins of Tom Waits yarning

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 The Elvis Impersonator, the Karate Instructor, a Fridge Full of Severed Heads, and the Plot 2 Kill the President

Winner of the 'Aimee Award for Most Bizarre Story of the Day'. This is utterly bonkers, and totally gripping.

And true O_o.

Lights treaks turned into a font by Marcus Byrne

marcus byrne font fMarcus made light trails with the icons on his iPhone and captured them. One got turned into a 3d printed object, and has now expanded the light streaks exercise into an entire free font.

Life in the fishbowl

Stuart Armstrong argues that, while the negative effects of total surveillance societies are well documented, we should also be thinking of the positive effects. He then goes on to list some of them, and suggests we demand that our governments bestow them - something they might not do otherwise.

Well worth the read. And before you start spluttering with anger at the premise, it should be noted he does say "Yes, these potential benefits aren’t the whole story on mass surveillance, and I would never argue that they outweigh the potential downsides".

The History Of The (Fake) 'Free Public WiFi' You Always See At Airports

Huh. So THAT'S what happened.

Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online

I don't really want to reveal it here - go and read the article. But basically? Yeah, pretty much :) 

/rubs hands with glee

Cycling in the US from a Dutch perspective

This is a very gentle chiding, but nonetheless a very good one. And it's completely applicable to New Zealand, I have to say.

Pics from today's lunchtime ride on The Monster

Around (some of) the bays on me motorbike today, and so lovely pics of our gorgeous town :)

The Cheap, Brutal, Totally Insane Form Of Racing You Have To Try

I’m looking out the windshield at half a dozen cars shooting trails of sparks out behind them. Like me, they’re oversteering and swerving like crazy, trying desperately to not spin out. Because, like me, they have no back wheels. I was hit so hard my helmet flew off. It’s absolute chaos. And it’s fantastic.

Aaaaand on entirely the other side of the transportation phase space, this hilarious sport. No, it's not that fast, but it totally makes up for it in other ways :P

Friends without benefits

Fashion and women's magazines are, to my mind, extremely problematic, and so I'm aware of the irony (?) of a magazing such as Vanity Fair publishing an article on the extremely negative effects of social media/networking sites and porn on (some of) today's teens, and especially its tennage girls.

Of course, and as I will consistently argue - it's not the tools that are the problem, it's the way people use them. We need to be training these kids better...


Honourable mention

Kombucha: Magical Health Elixir Or Just Funky Tea?

I kinda like it, and I've learned the hard way never to drink it when having things like sauerkraut as a meal (MAN was my tummy loudly bubbly for a while there), but, as with all 'miracle' foods, beware the hype.


And finally...

Tom Waits 1999 VH1 Storytellers

H/T to Daniel for this one :) 

"There is little to no argument that Tom Waits is one of the longest standing bullshitters in the history of popular music. As such, upon the release of his 1999 Mule Variations lp, he graced television screens everywhere appearing on an episode of VH1 Storytellers. With his gruff voice and a cherry-picked ad hoc band of loyal outsiders in tow, Waits spun a good yarn on a gaggle of stories and anecdotes – some true, some not, and some filled with just the right amount of bullshit to make you (want to) believe. Pre-filling the swear jar, all manner of subjects are touched upon. None too small or uncomfortable to broach – from plumbing mishaps to an underage girl that needs to get home in the twilight hours…in a car that will only drive in reverse. While the broadcast version was a scant 45 minutes, the Internet has seen fit to grace us with the entire evening, unedited. So set ‘em up, as it’s time to ease back and listen to uncle Tom spin a web so glorious even the spider’s blushing. words/ d norsen"

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