The Starburst Challenge, measuring creativity, and ailurophobia (fear of cats)

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Whew, sorry about the break there! Long weekend, new job (which is madly busy), plus two other startups I'm working on = no-time aimee. Still, let's see what we can do... :P

Researchers measure creativity

As usual, a poor headline. But, essentially, researchers are claiming they've found a way to figure out how creative a person is, from how they pair words.

Webstock 2014

It's on like an on thing, and (at least some of) the lineup has been announced. It includes one of my favourite business-type writers, Scott Berkun. Sadly, there's no WAY I can afford to go, but hopefully I'll be seeing y'all out and about town. 

The Starbursts are calling. Are you up to the challenge?

EyeWire is awesome. And challenging. And then there's THIS part of it, which comes with the promise of getting your name on a published paper!

Ailurophobia (fear of cats) and the ability to sense their presence

Just in case you had sensed something was a some of the thinking there.


And finally...

Some amazing, AMAZINGly well executed hallowe'en costumes.

Must be seen to be believed :P


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