IdeaForge public screenshot

Screenshot of public face of IdeaForge.

in 2013, I had an idea: what if we could stop reinventing wheels by making a place where people could freely share (and give up!) ideas they'd had, and meet other people with skills and resources they, in turn, would like to share?

And so IdeaForgers was born. In 2014, I was able to build and release the beta site.

The concept is simple: when you go and visit IdeaForge, you see the ideas/skills/resources people have posted which they’re happy with non-members/the general public seeing. This represents only a portion of the total number of such posts.

Once a user registers and is signed in, they can see other people’s posts (browse by category, browse generally, etc), make friends with other people on the site (there’s a strong social component built in), make groups and, most importantly, they can post ideas, skills and resources themselves!


You can read more about it at:

IdeaForge and the quest to build an ‘engine of creation’ - Idealog, Feb 2014 (pre-launch)
Ideaforge launches marketplace for ideas, skills, and funds - NZEntrepreneurs, June 2014 (post-launch)