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In 2012, as team Lemur Attack Force, my partner and I drove the utterly mad charity event known as the Mongol Rally.

Lemur Attack Force website
Mongol Rally website

In which one takes a small, crappy car (them's the rules), and drives it from southern England to the capital of Mongolia. Or attempts to, at least.

A great many of the entrants never finish, and last year - with its unusually heavy rains in Mongolia - was particularly brutal for cars and occupants alike.

We managed it, huzzah! And we raised oodles of money for charity.

Of special note is that I did all the driving - think an average of 12 hours a day, for three weeks solidly, through some really rough terrain - while partner did the navigation.

We maintained a website detailing both planning, and the adventure itself. It was recently bookended, but worth a gander! Click on the image to go straight to our blog :)